Specialty Independent Practice Association of Kansas (SIPAK) is a collaborative of 20 dominant physician-owned specialty groups in the greater Wichita market representing over 200 physicians.


  • SIPAK is an IPA, commonly called an “Independent Practice Association” or “Independent Physicians Association,” consisting of 20 prominent single-specialty group practices in the greater Wichita, Kansas market.
  • Because our IPA physicians are in private practice, they are able to see all patients and direct their care to the most appropriate hospital, outpatient facility, or group specialist that best serves their needs, without obligation to a specific facility.  This helps to keep health care more affordable by allowing for a more efficient use of resources that are already available in the community.  SIPAK has also developed an integrated program to evaluate quality, outcomes, and appropriate utilization of services. 

Affiliation with Stratum

  • Affiliation with Stratum Med, a culturally aligned, national medical group collaborative of over 90 organizations and 11,000 physicians.
  • Relationship allows SIPAK to tap into Stratum’s infrastructure and broader network while having flexibility to also focus on local and regional issues

SIPAK Roster

  • Associates in Women’s Health
  • Cancer Center of Kansas
  • Cardiovascular Care
  • Cardiology Consultants of KS
  • College Hill OB/GYN
  • Heartland Cardiology
  • Heartland Pathology
  • Infectious Disease Consultants
  • Kansas Gastroenterology
  • Kansas Joint & Spine Specialists
  • Mid Kansas Women’s Center
  • Neurology Consultants of Kansas
  • South Central Pathology
  • Wichita Diabetes & Endocrinology
  • Wichita Nephrology Group
  • Wichita OB/GYN
  • Wichita Radiological Group
  • Wichita Surgical Specialists & Mid-Kansas ENT
  • Wichita Trauma
  • Wichita Urology Group