“As medical education costs continue to skyrocket, we feel compelled to try and uncover unique programs to help alleviate some of these costs. This partnership will help create opportunities for our Shareholders and clients to differentiate themselves when vying to attract physicians and affiliated providers to their respective organizations.” 

Robert Mulcahey, president and CEO of Stratum

“At Link Capital we understand the significant burden that student loan debt creates for medical professionals. We recognize that medical professionals have unique needs at different stages in their careers – from residency and fellowship, to work as practicing nurse or physician. We take this into account and structure unique products to create the best possible solutions for our borrowers. 

Our partnership with Stratum is all about understanding the different struggles medical professionals face and working with each borrower to best support their financial and professional futures.”

– Katharine Hebenstreit, President of LinkCapital

LinkCapital and Stratum Med entered a partnership to offer specialized medical student loan management programs to Stratum affiliated providers.

As part of the agreement, LinkCapital will offer medical professionals in the Stratum Med alliance customized, informative resources and programs to help them manage their student loan debt. Medical professionals will also have around-the-clock access to expert medical loan specialists to help them navigate the complex student loan landscape.

The partnership comes as concerns grow within the healthcare industry about the high level of indebtedness of medical students at graduation — a median of $180,000. Yet, medical professionals have superior credit risk attributes (steady employment, low loan default rates, and well above-average incomes), and are extremely likely to repay their student loans on time. Until now student loan packages for medical professionals haven’t reflected these attributes, offering one-size-fits-all products with high interest rates.

Developed to help medical professionals save money and make better financial decisions, LinkCapital partners with health care providers and private investors to offer medical professionals flexible refinancing loan programs at attractive rates, tailored to their risk profiles and unique career stages. (Read full press release by clicking here.)

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