Shared Services

Stratum’s Shared Service initiatives are driven by a subset of specialized work groups or committees. The committee structure successfully promotes an environment in which participants from our shareholder groups can work collectively to address common issues to the benefit of their respective organizations. The following philosophies and ideals are shared by Stratum members thus creating the driving force behind our Shared Services Organization:

  • Leverage, whenever possible, Stratum’s collective buying power when negotiating with vendors or service providers
  • Why “re-invent the wheel” each time on common projects or initiatives when a Stratum product endorsed by all Shareholders can be rolled out.
  • Driven by best practice standards, standardize processes where possible and migrate toward common systems.
  • Create a “second to none” peer group where issues can be shared and discussed.
  • Share the talents and capitalize on the wealth of intellectual capital that exists amongst our Shareholders.

Not only do Stratum’s Shared Services provide a great deal of value to our Shareholders but value is delivered at low cost and minimal effort. Each committee is coordinated and facilitated by a Stratum executive member thus reducing time and energy necessary for preparation and follow up by participants. Currently our Shared Services Committees include: