Group Purchasing Program

Stratum’s Group Purchasing Program is a collaboration strategy whereby large physician groups from all over the country have come together as one to contract together thus leveraging volume to impact supply costs.  Stratum supports non-acute providers across all fields of practice within either Multispecialty or Single Specialty environments. The collaborative represents over 5,000 providers across the nation. Our program optimizes the capabilities of our GPO partner, Provista – with unique advantages of regional contracting, supply chain consulting support, aggregation and product standardization.

As a Participant in the Group Purchasing Program, you can experience double-digit savings and exclusive, customized service from Stratum and Provista. For products and services not available through Provista, Stratum negotiates directly with suppliers to establish local and regional contracts, to keep supply costs low. Additionally, Stratum’s Purchasing Program connects members to the industry’s leading pharmacy portfolio.

Furthermore, our collaborative provides a platform for networking, shared learning, consulting, and proprietary reports. Our sophisticated auditing methods are supported by dedicated staff from Stratum, Provista, and our Distributor partners. This ensures you receive the most accurate pricing, sales data, contract connectivity, and price integrity. We strive to advance the quality of care, improve financial performance, and optimize operational efficiencies for each member organization.