Human Resources/Employee Benefits Group

Following Stratum’s overall business objective to add value for its Shareholders and Clients through standardization and collaboration, the Human Resource Group selected a carrier for Long-Term Disability, Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, as well as Director’s and Officer’s and Errors and Omissions coverage. Utilizing a single broker/consultant, Stratum was able to develop insurance contracts with leading carriers that offered their Shareholders the maximum insurance protection, while achieving significant cost reductions.

In addition to insurance consolidation, the Human Resource Group has developed standardized job descriptions and partners with integrated healthcare solutions to conduct annual blinded, non-physician salary surveys. Likewise, this Group has been heavily involved in the implementation of human resource, benefits administration and payroll software.

The Human Resource Group continues its efforts in the area of standardizing benefits and policies and procedures across Stratum Shareholders to maximize knowledge transfer and to achieve economies of scale.

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