Finance Work Group

Stratum’s Finance Work Group is comprised of our Shareholders’ CFO’s and Directors of Finance. The Committee has focused primarily on developing and conducting various benchmarking surveys including the following:

Physician Compensation & Productivity Benchmarking

Stratum partners with ECG Consulting to administer and deliver a comprehensive report highlighting all key Physician compensation and productivity measures in all fields of practice.

Non-Physician, FTE/Staffing Benchmarking

Stratum annually conducts a comprehensive FTE/Staffing Survey which allows participants to compare staffing levels within 60 standardized departments with related job titles/functions. FTE’s are then benchmarked against such data elements as total employees, total providers, encounters, square footage, claims filed, monthly statements, X-rays, Purchase Orders, etc.

Board/Committee Pay

Stratum annually conducts a blinded survey which summarizes physician Board and Committee participation and pay practices.


The Committee also offers a valuable networking resource where CFO’s and Finance Directors share challenges and solutions to common issues.

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