Business Office Work Group

The Stratum Business Office Work Group is composed of Business Office management staff from Stratum Shareholders and Clients. The Committee develops shared Business Office services and selects preferred vendors. A member of Stratum’s executive team serves as the project manager to facilitate the research and development and coordinate projects and committee activities. The Committee has successfully leveraged and negotiated arrangements and gained significant cost savings. Current projects encompass:

Mail Statements

Relay Health provides customized laser mail statements. The contract extends significant savings and performance guarantees for mail statement services.

Collection Agency Services

Avadyne and Harris & Harris are the preferred collection agencies that offer precollect, primary and secondary collection services and legal placements.

Coding Resources & Products

Stratum has arrangements with Optum for practice enhancement products such as ClaimsManager and MDR and coding resources such as Encoder Pro and coding publications.

Merchant Credit Card Services

A preferred credit card vendor offers competitive rates on merchant services.

EDI/Claims Clearinghouse

A preferred electronic transaction vendor provides competitive rates for a variety of electronic transactions.

Proactive Patient Outreach

Stratum has a preferred agreement for proactive patient recall and outreach services.

Contract Management Services

Stratum offers a preferred provider for contract management services.

Best Practices Project

Benchmarking projects such as the A/R Benchmark Survey have aided in the identification of best practices, opportunities for improvement, and cost savings. Examples include policies for centralized check-in and standardized credit and collections.

Fee Survey

An annual, blinded fee survey is conducted to compare fees and frequencies for selected services and procedures. Click here to see the latest results!

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