Dr. Les Mathers

December 10, 2020 |

Dr. Mathers brings decades of experience in clinical medicine (broad scope and team Family Medicine and Occupational Medicine). Dr. Mathers also has experience with medical students and graduate medical education as a prior co-director of a Family Medicine Residency program, private practice in single-specialty and multi-specialty practices, Chief Medical Officer roles for a health system and multi-specialty medical group, as well as roles leading recruitment and development of clinical teams,  former leadership roles in IPAs, PHOs and medical groups with large “global risk populations”/Population Health.


Dr. Mathers was also part of the group that started Stratum Med and was former Chair of the Board of Stratum.


Outside of Stratum, Dr. Mathers used to have insurance and real estate licenses, and has been on a bank board for 34 years (now serving as Vice Chairman). Dr. Mathers is a graduate from the University of Illinois in Finance and has had much activity in agriculture and the cattle business, serving as Board Member and Chairman/President of the ASA.